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Personal injuries can happen on the road, at work or even at home, often with devastating consequences. When you are injured due to somebody else’s negligence, or unreasonably dangerous defective product, or activity, you might be able to recover compensation for damages if you have suffered past and future medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, physical or mental impairment and incapacity or disability, disfigurement, and mental anguish. You need an experienced and qualified trial lawyer to fight for your rights, to prove your case both as to the liability and causation of the damages you have suffered, to go head-to-head with the insurance companies, and to win the fair and provable compensation to repay you for your losses.

An experienced and methodical approach

For more than 35 years, The Law Office of Tim Smith, P.C. in San Antonio has successfully employed an assertive, methodical approach to help injured victims recover the damages and obtain the jury verdicts that attempt to make them whole and attempt to restore them, (the best that our civil justice system can provide), to their life before their catastrophe.  In catastrophic accidents, that is virtually impossible to imagine, no matter what a jury awards.

A loving husband or a caring mother cannot be replaced with any amount of money.  However, the needs of a widow or widower, or an orphan, or a paraplegic or a maimed bread winner can be greatly assisted by the jury’s award in our civil justice system, and by a jury of reasonable minded members of the community who are empowered with the duty and discretion to hold wrongdoers accountable, and with the goal to prevent the next wrongdoer from committing the same injustice upon, or injuring the next victim.

We consult with qualified experts in the top of their field applicable to the various aspects of your case, your treating doctors, your treating nurses, second opinion and objective third party consultants, professors, teaching physicians, authors of the studies, and of the science and practice in their field, and forensic engineers in the various sciences applicable to the case, and accident and causation reconstruction analysis,  to maximize recovery for your injuries.  The methodology begins with preservation of the physical evidence and witness testimony, early and often, and returning to the investigation early and often, and updating the twists and turns of the story, and the analysis of the evidence and nailing down the testimony that will come into the courtroom, and the facts upon which the expert consultants can rely, in order to formulate their scientific opinions and conclusions.  It is a process, no matter how small, or how big the case.

But in spite of much publicized, repetitive recent misstatements by so-called lawyers representing recent political figures, who have been improperly trying their clients’ positions and cases in the Media/Press, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “ALTERNITIVE FACTS” in a Texas Courtroom.  There are only THE facts that the Court allows into evidence based upon long established RULES OF EVIDENCE which are based upon logic and reason concerning relevance and foundation and predicate; and there are only the ultimate fact issues in the case which are determined by the jury, and the Court’s instructions to the jury as a result of the rules of longstanding and developed common law and rules of the Court.  As an extreme absurd illustration, a party, and/or his lawyer are not allowed to walk into the Courtroom and represent to the Court that there are “alternative facts” underlying the issues, such as to imply or misrepresent the record before the Court, to deny, for example, that “people breathe air”, or “fish live in water”.

In that connection, do not expect a real trial lawyer to ever assist you in making a misrepresentation about the facts, or the record, to or before the Court, and do not expect such conduct from this law firm.  We will methodically prove up your case to present and tell your worthy cause and compelling story to the jury, by pretrial investigation, consulting experts, and the taking of the fact witness testimony, and then the qualifying expert witness testimony, and we will advise you along the way about what can be truthfully presented to the Court.  During this methodological process, you can either accept our advice and allow us to proceed, or fire us, if you want to present something to the Court that we do not believe is forthright and the honest truth.  Throughout that process, we will protect your right to attorney/client confidentiality, as long as we are not assisting in the commission of a crime, or dishonesty to the Court, upon which as Officers of the Court we will cease and terminate our representation, and you may find other counsel.

Get help immediately

Regardless of the admonishment stated above:

Do this to help yourself from the beginning.  Consult an attorney immediately following your injury, when witnesses’ recollections are fresh and evidence remains available. Keep in mind that Texas law limits the amount of time in which you can file your claim for relief.

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